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Heating circulators


Working temperature range: +20 to +300 °C
Bath volumes: 5 - 39 liters
Heating capacity: 2 - 3 kW
Pump flowrate: 8 - 27 liters/min
Pump pressure: 0.1 - 0.7 bar

JULABO heating circulators with stainless steel bath tanks have greater power for larger and open systems, making them ideal for external and internal temperature control. Smaller objects may be inserted directly into the circulator's bath at the same time. An integrated cooling coil enables temperature control below or near the ambient temperature. Models are available with different bath sizes and accessories like Pt100 sensors, heat transfer liquid, tubing, and adapters.

Models in different performance classes - CORIO, TopTech, DYNEO and HighTech - are available.

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