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Tablet & Capsule Testers

We offer laboratory and industrial testing systems by Charles Ischi AG. The laboratory testing systems include hardness & dimensions testing systems (HC6.2 WIP, HC7-series, H-series, P-series), friability & abrasion testing systems (friability and abrasion tester AE 1 + 2) and disintegration testing systems (DISI-M, DISI-A, DISI A-TOUCH). 
The industrial testing systems comprise of automatic testing systems (UTS 4.1-SERIES), automatic testing system with active ingredient content measurement (UTS NIR), automatic testing systems with protection rating IP54/IP65 (UTS IP LR / IP65), hermetically sealed & washable automatic testing system (UTS IP65i) and automatic weighing systems (CIW 6.2 / CIW 6.3 / CIW 6.4). 

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