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Manual tablet hardness testers H-SERIES

Charles Ischi AG

Dimensions: 268 x 230 x 102 mm 
Weight: 7 kg 

For quick and simple testing, the H-Series offers a wide functionality in a small housing with an embedded touch display. To perform a test, tablets up to 60 mm in diameter are placed in the testing station. After that, all you need to do is set up or choose the product receipe and click the start button. 

The manual laboratory testers of the H-series in the new LAB.line design combine state-of the art technology with usability: rounded shapes, generous radii and a smooth surface. The operation of the embedded touch display is simple and intuitive: the product or view informative test results can be changed with just a few clicks. As an option, the measuring range can be extended to 800 N, and even harder tablets and other compressed products can be tested and analyzed. 

The H-Series consists of 4 units that test different parameters - hardness, diameter, thickness, length and width. The H5 model can be connected to the scales. All H-series testers are equipped with a touchscreen display, which allows quick and easy operation of the instrument. 

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