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Visual ABBE-Refractometer


Measuring range of the scale (refractive index):
1.3000 - 1.7200 RI or 0 - 95% Brix
Precision: +/- 0.0002 RI / 0.1 % Brix

The visual ABBE-refractometer AR12 is designed for the determination of concentration and purity control of liquid media with high or low viscosity and solids. This refractometer is equipped with hose connections at the prism unit for the thermostatisation of the optical parts. The temperature is measured with a digital thermometer. The measuring principle is based on the law of Snellius (law of refractive index) and is able to measure with transmitted or totally reflected light. With a contact fluid, even solids can be measured. Optionally, an illumination unit is available for prism and scale illumination with a LED. The visual ABBE-refractometer AR12 is mostly used in the fast control of liquids and the “in-field analysis“.

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