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Extraction system - FatExtractor E-500


The FatExtractor E-500 is designed for solid-liquid extraction for quick and compliant fat determination. The design of the glass assemblies and the high-speed heaters combined with sophisticated process control allow for fast and highly reproducible extraction processes with full compliance. With the interchangeable glass assembly, executing extractions according to Soxhlet, Randall or Twisselmann (ECE) and a later conversion to another extraction method is possible - adaptable to needs and changing demands. Using high-end components such as optical sensor, powerful heating and optimized glass assembly, cycle times can be significantly reduced. Benefit from the reduced time-to-result and unprecedent daily sample throughput.

The FatExtractor can be employed in the food and feed extraction and is suitable for extractions with petroleum ether, diethyl ether, hexane or chloroform.

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