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The fully scalable BioLector manages not only to run 48 cultivations in parallel, but also to perform real time online monitoring of the most common parameters (biomass, pH, DO and GFP). Furthermore, the system controls the temperature inside the cultivation chamber, the shaking speed as well as humidity. It operates with non-invasive, optical sensors and is due to the continuous and rigorous shaking ideally suited for aerobic and anaerobic cultures. In case that there is a high or very low oxygen level required, a CO2 enriched aeration, anaerobic conditions, or the possibility for measuring Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), the system can be easily upgraded with additional modules.

The Biolector Pro version extends the proven scalable BioLector technology with an innovative microfluidic chip for extremely exact and slow dosing down to 50 nL.

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